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  • Joshua Albright
    Joshua Albright

    Anyone else miss the intro of “GOODAY GOODAY, YA BLOODY LEGENDS!”

  • Vinny the gaming kid
    Vinny the gaming kid

    Can we have learning with lazarbeam and tlc strange addiction back please

  • Angel Armstrong-Lopez
    Angel Armstrong-Lopez

    Are you still gonna buy the happy cow from the oddly satisfying video

  • Plutogirl521

    When you roasted her I might just do that if someone was mean to me and they had a bald head

  • Sheepy Stop motion
    Sheepy Stop motion

    I watch the I borded song for over 1 hour 😴😴😴

  • Johnny Brianna
    Johnny Brianna

    Lazar upload

  • Peter Fenerk
    Peter Fenerk

    Who’s lazarbeam? I don’t know. Who’s LAZARBEAM! He’s ur mum

  • Corey Gaming Extra
    Corey Gaming Extra

    next video is going to be Roblox

  • Super John Frankie 3
    Super John Frankie 3

    The queens single now😂

  • Augustus Reynolds
    Augustus Reynolds

    You should play arsenal


    Srry laxer but I’m unsubing I lied it when u cursed and didn’t just do aumung us and stuff so Srry and bye

  • P2Trappy

    Used to love lazarbeam know he's just a prick cah he never uploads man it pisses me off so fuckin much

  • why why
    why why

    You should play some rocket league

  • Musicrustacean


  • Luca Laberinti
    Luca Laberinti


  • 한남자TV-건강을 소개하는 남자
    한남자TV-건강을 소개하는 남자

    Good guy love ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Oscar Marklund
    Oscar Marklund

    how bodys kan hate you

  • Grandpa

    Pls recotd roblox

  • Tadas Mickevicius
    Tadas Mickevicius

    Is true everything in life iš boring

  • Leafy Bøi
    Leafy Bøi

  • Keapzer playz
    Keapzer playz


  • Foxy

    Bro this is good

  • Failosff10

  • Ruby Bow
    Ruby Bow

    u should do a collab with Liam Dowling aussie and funny i have found his match.

  • TookUrDiamonds

    React to the song Fuck Australia

  • Dead Ender
    Dead Ender

    The better thing is that I understand what he said 8:15


    I love tiktak vidiosn

  • Isaacpro 269
    Isaacpro 269


  • Athalla Razan Alvaro
    Athalla Razan Alvaro

    you said tik tok is ban

  • Brodie McIntyre
    Brodie McIntyre

    Australia's number one chad

  • Jeffy Nelmes
    Jeffy Nelmes

    Add me

  • DJ KOB
    DJ KOB


  • K1NG SKY
    K1NG SKY

    Lannan upload a video it’s been 2 weeks

  • Mukesh verma
    Mukesh verma


  • Mukesh verma
    Mukesh verma


  • Steven Rojas-Reyes
    Steven Rojas-Reyes

    Baby turn into dababy when he got money

  • Kris Currier
    Kris Currier

    Hey lazarbeam I'm sorry to tell you this but I cannot join your membership only because I am not 18. But just so you know I'll always be cheering you on no matter what.

  • Issac Jones
    Issac Jones

    I love you your the best person ever

  • Elena Tomlinson
    Elena Tomlinson

    You need to put that song in your intros for when you’re doing a i’m bored video

  • Xander Maxx Coffin
    Xander Maxx Coffin

    Hay lazarbeam can you please play some more beam mg car game thingy please

  • Peter Rabbit
    Peter Rabbit

    Is anybody still confused how Lazarbeam still hasn’t gotten 3 channels strikes? He’s been posting for a long time and we all know he has gotten more that 5 channel strikes

  • Aviator Wild
    Aviator Wild


  • Matthew Johnson
    Matthew Johnson

    That roast was nasty

  • Taylah Maree
    Taylah Maree

    Baby*YAYYYYY MONEYYYYY Lazar Beam* Takes Money*MY MONEY NOW!!!!

  • Rayan S
    Rayan S


  • Xd Traper
    Xd Traper

    Upload nowwwww

  • mr. chong
    mr. chong

    I bet I can beat lazar beam up

  • E Rice
    E Rice

    Lazar can you friend me on fortnite user, ella27111

  • Adrian nunez
    Adrian nunez

    Lazarbeam is the best youtuber

  • Gamer Boy
    Gamer Boy

  • maliaea21311

    yer cool

  • Cri Eh
    Cri Eh

    Do you lose subscribers???????????

  • Casey Brannstrom
    Casey Brannstrom

    Me and lazarbeam are the same when we try to go cross eyed are eye drifts

  • the capitalemu
    the capitalemu

    You need to make the I'm bored song your intro for I am bored

  • Ethan Lensing
    Ethan Lensing

    Monster Hunter rise: *releases Lazarbeam: Imma pretend I didn’t see that

  • Cheese Nuggets
    Cheese Nuggets

    Whilst watching the guy who was asking people to sub to lazarbeam all I could think about was that I have that exact same pair of shoes

  • Drippy Chungus
    Drippy Chungus

    I don’t watch tiktok....

  • Sasha Coe
    Sasha Coe

    Can I have a shoutout

  • Random Human
    Random Human

    Oi lazar fortnite video idea: suicide cars gas can on top of cars stay on and if u get a bunch you can kill a lot of people with it I trued it and it worked for me

  • dovie gumahad
    dovie gumahad

    I like thein board theme song i believe its from endigo

  • The NY Yankees
    The NY Yankees

    The FACT LazarBeam had the audacity to fart

  • Gamer2052

    If the next I’m bored video doesn’t have the I’m bored remix, we storm fresh and hold em for ransom, or we get 90’d on and we all die

  • xxMasterSlayerxx

    upload lazar

  • Sam Stewart
    Sam Stewart

    For real though upload!!!!!

  • Big Boy Customs
    Big Boy Customs

    bro im waiting for the next vid bro!!

  • RyanPlayz

    I bought that lazar merch

  • Dona Halder
    Dona Halder

    4:31- 4:56 i am with that kid

  • Astrix

    Lazarbeam I remember when u used to upload every 3ish days and everytime I'd come home from school I'd watch your content But I see now those days are turning into weeks..I understand it's getting hard to create content due to nothing to make videos of and that's okay Take all the time you need :) Just know that we Love you

  • ILazarbeam

    1:40 that song has 92.5M views

  • Giants 13
    Giants 13

    lazerbeam predicts lazerbeam predicts its the best f ing show on the internet

  • lame gamer
    lame gamer

    Lazarbeam u should play terraria it's like minecraft but with more things to do

  • Cameron Moore
    Cameron Moore

    It’s been 2 weeks since he’s uploaded what’s up with that

  • Ryan

    Get a I’m bored tattoo

  • Jacob Brutcher
    Jacob Brutcher

    that means you were mean when you were a kid

  • •-•

    This channel is slowly dying

    • Clixy

      Pretty sure its still fine He got 8 million views on this ....

  • Chipz4life

    3:46 ya can’t wink with one eye it’s called... BLINKING (insert sarcastic noises)

  • juan nevarez
    juan nevarez

    wat the fuck

  • George Lane
    George Lane

    Where has lazarbeam gone ? Shall we not use code lazar anymore ? 😂 favourite UZload but checking everyday is annoying now 😞 COME BACK

  • Adrian Quiroz
    Adrian Quiroz

    Yeeeeeeeeet that’s funny


    We all are board

  • Jeff Whitmore
    Jeff Whitmore

    Have you seen the no pomegranate meme if not watch it.

  • Anakin Pakprab
    Anakin Pakprab

    Just about fortnite my first landing in my new acc was dog house

  • Stay Frosty
    Stay Frosty


  • Tailyn Fedley
    Tailyn Fedley

    hi hi hi you are my davit UZloadr

  • Mary Marrow
    Mary Marrow


  • Youtube Guy
    Youtube Guy

    Day 1of telling lazarbeam he is cracked like Justin

  • Rogelio DelRio
    Rogelio DelRio

    Making Minecraft videos

  • Sofie Stumpers
    Sofie Stumpers


  • Sofie Stumpers
    Sofie Stumpers

    Also I’m sick i throw up 🤢

  • Sofie Stumpers
    Sofie Stumpers


  • Adam Allison
    Adam Allison

    Phut on just search it up that's all from me

  • Blade Sans
    Blade Sans

    Lazar beam makes my Head ake go away every time he talks

  • Michelle Villagran
    Michelle Villagran

    3:27 OOOOO

  • Michelle Villagran
    Michelle Villagran

    3:27 OOOOOO

  • Callian Watkins
    Callian Watkins

    He looks gay singing that song

  • Sahij Jaglan
    Sahij Jaglan

    I word for lazarbeam haters if you hate lazarbeam then just don’t watch him ok don’t hate lazarbeam he is a legend

  • Jakethesnake Shorts
    Jakethesnake Shorts

  • Linda Lucier
    Linda Lucier

    The mullet looks good


    His name was buddy He died tho 😢 He was living tho Who is he?